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Black magic is the use of dark art to harm someone. A black magic specialist is a person who has complete knowledge of black magic. The person is aware of all pros and cons of using black magic. He or she can use this knowledge to help people get rid of black magic or help someone to find what they desire.

Ask Guruji is a famous Indian Astrologer and one of the best black magic specialist in Bangalore having expertise in black magic removal.

What is Black Magic?

Black magic or dark magic is type of magic that draws its energy from malevolent powers. It is used for malevolent acts or to deliberately cause harm in some way to an individual. Black Magic is the use of negative forces, evils and demons for inflicting harm on someone.

Black magic and white magic derive their forces from Negative Energy and Positive energy respectively. They can both benefit a common man, place or thing temporarily or can cause damage to any of them.

To decide whether the magic is “black” or “white”, it is important to take note of the intention and the purpose with which it is cast upon the person.

White Magic is done to achieve something that an individual might be facing difficulty achieving. It does so without putting at risk; the life of someone.

Black Magic on the other hand, stems out of the wrong and malefic feelings a person has for someone. People who cast black magic on someone do so to put the life of a person in danger or ruin it for worse.

Why people practice Black Magic ?

To say that people indulge in this black magic practice just to try it out; would be wrong. Of course, as with everything in life, there are certain reasons why people turn to this form of magic to solve problems in life that may or may not be that much critical.

  • To accomplish something by putting the lives of other people at risk
  • Hurt someone intentionally
  • Take revenge for a deed done in the past
  • Take their enmity to a next level
  • To cut out the competition
  • To achieve something they badly desire but couldn’t have because of limited resources.
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Effects of Black Magic

The effects of black magic can be in many areas of life, some people are unaware of the signs of that or they are somehow aware but are not ready to acknowledge the fact.

Black magic shows its effect on the person upon which it is casted. The result could be very severe and visible to all. You will be requiring the assistance of a black magic removal specialist who will help in getting rid of the spell casted on you.

  • Bad dreams: Out of nowhere you suddenly start getting nightmares that make you stay awake the whole night, if you are not having any previous gastric problems than it can be one of the first signs of black magic.
  • Financial Problems: Sudden financial loss due to no apparent reason, losing job or money without any clue can be the effect of Black magic.
  • Bad Health: If you are experiencing fever, vomiting and doctors are not able to identify after all necessary tests, it can be effect of black magic.
  • Broken Relationships: If you are unable to maintain a relation or there is a dispute with your loved one without any known cause, it can be black magic casted on you.
  • Bad Mental State: If you are unable to concentrate on anything, mind is running restless and you have no clue even after a session with a psychiatrist, then it can be due to black magic.
Effects of Black Magic on the Life of an Individual

The purpose behind putting someone under the clouds of black magic is to ruin their life for worse, how many different ways does it affects the life of a person is given below:

  • Constant sadness and sorrow
  • Troubles lurking in every corner
  • Increased incidents of bad luck
  • Career going off-path
  • Fights, quarrel and disagreement in a love relationship
  • Extreme and excessive financial loss
  • Excessive psychological problems
  • Increased episodes of accidents
Astrology Solutions for the Black Magic by Ask Guruji

Ask Guruji is a famous Indian Astrologer with supremacy and virtuousness in the field of Vedic Astrology, Psychic Reading and specialized in black magic removal and cure through his spiritual healing services. Ask Guruji provides the best black magic removal in Bangalore

    • Take the “Bilva Patra” leaves and place it in the front of the Shiva Linga temple, starting any monday, while chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for just 9 times throughout the process.
    • Chant the Gayatri Mantra for 108 times a day with the whole mind, body and soul during the Sunset
    • Put to fire Gugal Dhoop just over the cow dung, the smell of the dhoop and the essence will remove the effects of Black Magic.
    • The chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa will keep you away from the aura of black magic and negativity.

You can consult Ask Guruji’s in case you are under the spell of black magic and need help in black magic removal. In order to reach out to him, you just have to call him on the number displayed on the website, email or simply book an appointment online.

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