How to plan for 2020 astrology prediction | MTV News

With a variety of astrological signs, you’re probably familiar with the signs that will be aligned with the upcoming year.In the years ahead, there will be new signs that have been discovered and we’re going to look at the significance of the signs of the zodiac.

When will the next solar eclipse be visible in US?

The sun is set to make its most powerful eclipse in history on September 20th.It’s expected to be visible across much of the country, and eclipse watchers will be able to take a virtual tour of the moon during the event.Here’s what you need to know about what you’ll see during the eclipse.The eclipse will…

When you know your future, you can make astrology prediction predictions

The future is bright, and you have a lot of free time to play with it.But there are a lot more variables to consider when you are making astrological predictions.The sun has its own time line, the seasons are inextricably tied to the seasons of the moon, and so on.As an astrologer, it is your…

Why I’m planning on writing astrology transit predictions

I recently learned about astrology.It’s the stuff of science fiction.The astrological signs that define the world, the rules for how you relate to other people and the paths of your life.And if you’re lucky, you may even get to meet an alien from another planet.You might be reading about it, or you might be watching…

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