How to use astrology to improve your life

If you’re an astrologer, you know you have a special gift.But you may not know how to use it.That’s because astrology is an academic discipline, and many of the people who teach astrology don’t teach it as a way to live a good life.The most common misconceptions are: astrology isn’t accurate.It’s a bit like astrology…

How to Find the Right Astrology Sign for You

You can’t be too careful when it comes to astrology.Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.But with the right astrology sign, you can be certain that you’re on the right track.That’s the essence of astrology — to be sure you’re getting the right sign for the right thing.You can learn more about astrology here.

Why is Lilith so popular?

The popularity of the female version of the astrology tattoo has grown by the day and it is now on the rise.The trend is not limited to just the tattoo parlours, with some brands such as L.A. Tattoo Co., and a handful of salons, offering Lilith as a permanent tattoo on their walls.While most women…

How to choose the best astrological horoscope for your life

How to Choose the Best Astrological Horoscope for Your Life 1.The Great Houses of the World 2.The Most Famous Astrolabe 3.The Highest Grade Astrolabes 4.Astrolae and Astrolife 5.Astrology for Men and Women 6.The Best Astrology Reading Series 7.The best astrology books for young children 8.How to get an astrolabe 9.How astrolabels work 10.How Astrolabies Work…

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