How astrology is changing your life

My astrology sign means I’m not good at math.I’m also not good with numbers, I have trouble understanding complex equations, and I have a hard time memorizing the alphabet.Astrology signs are just the signs of the zodiac.And because I’m bad at math, I am really bad at the math of astrology.The problem is, my zodiac…

How to use a chart of December astrology to forecast the year

The chart below shows how you can use December astrological charts to forecast how the world will be in January 2019.You can also use this chart to help you plan for the holidays.This chart is updated regularly.

5 Things To Look For In An Advanced Astrology Chart

The ancient Greeks and Romans had a very complex and detailed astrology system, which was a method of interpreting the stars, the planets, the solar system, and even the calendar.For example, you might have noticed that in the ancient world the year was divided into 24 months.This means that there was a calendar that divided…

How to use a Venus astrology calculator

As we approach our winter solstice, we can all look forward to an all-too-familiar winter sky.But, with more than half of us experiencing the first of three new winter solstices each year, what’s the best time to look at your charts?While you may not see any major changes on your charts this year, you may…

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